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Developed for your easy access to businesses through-out East Tennessee.

The East Tennessee Business Directory is being developed with a dual purpose in mind.

  1. To enable businesses throughout East Tennessee world wide advertising at an affordable price, with and internet presence. With this concept we feel that you, the business owner, large or small has the opportunity of feeling out business on the Web without the expense of developing a detailed web site. After you see the results that wpcbusiness can achieve for you, we hope at that time you will allow us to develop your own business web site.
  2. To bring the electronic phone book to every computer in East Tennessee. wpcbusiness is the “Phone Book of the Future” for East Tennessee. Just look where technology has taken us in the past 10 years. How far will it bring us in the next 5, 10, 15 years. The internet is quickly becoming a part of everyday living. From shopping on line, investing on line, video communications on line, etc. etc. etc.. and now high speed Web T.V. We will bring the Phone Book of the Future to you at your convenience.

We at wpcbusiness will save you time, energy and money by bringing to you name, address and phone numbers of businesses throughout East Tennessee, with just a click of the mouse. NO MORE pages upon pages and titles upon titles, NO MORE wasted time and energy looking for a business or category of businesses in East Tennessee or your area. We will bring you FULL PAGE advertisements of your favorite business and many, many more to choose from. Not just a tiny box requiring magnifiers to read. We will enable you to contact a business by E-mail or by contact forms, processed instantly. Receive DISCOUNTS from many of our member businesses just for visiting there site.

Are you an investor… do you dabble in stocks and bonds… how about futures, check out your investments through your East Tennessee Business Directory.

Planning a trip, wondering about the weather… See the weather before you leave through the East Tennessee Business Directory.

Need a map, find out how to go from door to door with the map service on the East Tennessee Business Directory.

We are rapidly adding new Businesses and features for your convenience, Stop in…Check it out…view your Directory. If you have any suggestions, comments, or would like to have a particular feature made available through your directory, please let us know by using our on line SUGGESTION BOX.