Giles Industries, Inc. Manufacturers of Quality Mobile Homes. A Heritage of Quality passed on generation to generation.
Giles Industries, Inc.
405 S. Broad Street
New Tazewell, Tn. 37825

Founder Mr. R. O. Giles Giles Industries of New Tazewell, Tennessee, was founded by Claiborne County native R.O. Giles in 1959. Mr. Giles was a devoted family man, and versatile businessman who believed that the way to be successful in business was through hard work and ethical treatment of employees and customers. He did business the old fashioned way; he knew his customers and he treated them the same as he would his own family. This tradition carried over as the second generation of the Giles family took the helm. As the business flourished, and Mr. Giles began to look at passing the torch, the leadership positions fell to his son James and his son-in-law Ray Neely. James and Ray had worked closely with Mr. Giles throughout those early years, and they not only endorsed his approach of developing a partnership that was beneficial for all parties. Both men met prospective clients with an attitude of helping them select a home that would best fit their individual needs. They were not just selling a product; they were getting to know people on an individual basis, and then working hard to make the relationship a win/win situation.

James Giles & Ray NeelyAs the third generation came along, the world was a different place than when Mr. Giles first conceived the idea of manufacturing quality homes; but grandson Alan Neely had grown up in a close-knit family and had watched his grandfather, his father, and his uncle become successful businessmen, while they maintained traditional values and a neighborly approach to selling their product. Even in today’s market, when the needs of families, both materially and financially, are so different, Alan is sensitive to the legacy of Giles Industries, and he has carefully preserved the lessons of the men who served before him. He studies the industry and his clients, and he still does business with the same ethical and personalized approach taught to him by his family. The continued quality of the product Giles produces and the high rate of customer satisfaction is proof positive that good and fair business is still the best way to deal with American consumers. Alan sees his role and the role of his company as a family-based business working for families; and it works.

Alan Neely and the next generation

Giles Industries is fast approaching a half-century of service. We still pride ourselves on holding fast to the traditional values put in place by R.O. Giles as he built those first homes on Cedar Lane. Although we are one of the oldest mobile home manufacturers in the world, we are a new generation here at Giles. We feel confident that we can meet the changing needs of today’s modern family. The way to a successful business is through hard work and ethical treatment of our employees and our customers. And we at Giles Industries are confident that we can continue to provide a top-notch product in an atmosphere of trust and good, down-to-earth salesmanship for many generations to come.

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